Personalized Guided Hunting Tours

Personalized Guided Hunting Tours

John Scurr’s Hunting Tours will customize your vacation in New Zealand to suit your interests and time with a focus on the animals you wish to hunt. Whether it is Tahr, Chamois and Red Stags in the South Island, or Sika, Rusa and Sambar stags in the North Island, plus any other available species you choose.

Fallow Deer, Elk, Awapara Ram and Goats are popular in both Islands as well as a variety of small game and ducks (when in season) you will need a minimum of ten days to hunt both Islands on the one vacation.

Alternatively we will customize a South Island or North Island vacation separately for as long or short as you require. You can choose to stay at one location and hunt from there for the entire vacation if travelling is not for you.

John Scurr’s tours will help you create memorable moments to last a lifetime. On tour you have a choice of accommodation from Hotels/Motels, spacious apartments, hunting Lodges and golf resorts. In particular, both Queenstown and Wanaka offer an excellent choice of accommodation options while you based in the South Island.

New Zealand - Land of Contrast

New Zealand has two main Islands. The South Island is widely known for its geographical feature, the southern alps with its highest mountain, Mount Cook rising to 12,000 feet being named after Captain Cook the country’s first European discoverer.

The Southern Alps are akin to the North American Rockies and many people think, more spectacularly beautiful. There are glaciers amidst snowcapped mountains and our fantastic native bush prominent on the moist western slopes. The blue ribbon tourist route through the South Island links numerous cottage style rural towns all with their own special culture and scenic beauty.

New Zealand’s North Island has a great depth of Maori history, the indigenous people of New Zealand. The island has high volcanic mountains linked to the lower very fertile lands used in rich mixed agricultural farming. The population of New Zealand is nearing five million people with approximately three million in the North Island. The largest city is Auckland in the north of the island and the capital city is Wellington in the south.

Both Islands complement each other with diverse and spectacular scenery, international golf courses, off shore fishing and whale watching, five star lodgings and where ever you are savour the very best wine mixed with our unique culture.

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