Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to New Zealand?

Flying to New Zealand is easy thanks to modern long-range aircraft with direct flights available. New Zealand and Australias national carriers Air New Zealand and Qantas operate flights from many cities in the continental United States including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas. These airlines also have partnerships with US carriers including American Airlines and United. Other airlines operating out of Europe and Asia include Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Singapore Airlines.

Most international flights land in Auckland. From there short duration direct flights are available to all major cities including New Zealand's tourist capital Queenstown. If you are considering a holiday before or after your hunt we would be happy to prepare an itinerary and make the necessary bookings and arrangements.

How do I get to New Zealand

What are the visa requirements when visiting New Zealand?

New Zealand has an extensive list of visa waiver countries which makes entry requirements very minimal. To enter without a visa, visitors to New Zealand must possess a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA). This can be acheived online or via a free smartphone App and involves paying a small processing fee plus a International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL). For more information about NZeTA and IVL please click here.

Do I need a hunting license?

No license is required when hunting big game in New Zealand. A license is required however if you intend to fish or shoot duck (limited season) while you are here. Inexpensive short duration licenses are available. Contact us for more details.

Do you supply firearms?

Yes, we can provide the appropriate firearms for your hunt.

Can I bring my own firearm?

Yes bringing a rifle with you is a straight forward process but please note hand guns and assault rifles are not permitted within New Zealand. A Firearms license and importation permit can be applied for here. Ammunition can also be imported. Please contact your preferred airline for packing and limit information.

Where in New Zealand are your hunting tours?

In short, wherever the best trophies can be found. Some species are limited to just one of New Zealand's two main islands (North and South), while others can be found in both. You tell us what you would like to hunt and we put together a custom personalized tour specifically for your requirements.

When is the best time to hunt Red Stags, Fellow Deer, Tahr, Chamois...?

Please refer to the relevant species page for information about when best to come.

What gear should I bring?

New Zealand is an island nation so our weather can be highly changable - often described as "four seasons in one day". Many of our hunting grounds are alpine in nature so you should bring the appropriate gear all year round as a precaution. In the winter months packing thermal underwear as a precaution is recommended.

How do I arrange the taxidermy for my trophies?

After your hunt we will put you in touch with our recommended taxidermist who will process your trophies and then arrange for them to be shipped back home.

How much do your hunting tours cost?

All of our tours are personalized to our customers requirements so no two tours are the same and as a result we don't have a "price list" as such. We encourage you to get in touch to discuss what you are wanting to achieve while in New Zealand. We can then put together a priced package that suits your budget.

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