John Scurr Guided New Zealand Hunting Tours

John Scurr Hunting Tours will guide you through New Zealand’s spectacular changing scenery from the wilderness southern lakes district to find record book Red Stags to the heart of the Southern Alps where the Tahr and Chamois roam free where you will appreciate the natural wonder we call Aotearoa.

In New Zealand’s North Island hunt Sika and Rusa stags, as well as enjoy the scenic wonders around the country’s largest inland lake Taupo.

In addition to hunting world class Red Stags, New Zealand has many interesting, must visit, scenic and historic locations all within driving distance of our southern base of operations in Queenstown and Wanaka. Also within driving distance is Fiordland incorporating Milford Sound and Lake Te Anau, and experience the region’s stunning beauty that is recognised with a World Heritage Status.

Fishing can be easily incorporated into your guided hunting tour, while exploring the country’s many rivers and lakes.

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Hunting in New Zealand

Red stags and hinds were introduced into New Zealand in the late 1800’s and after release were protected for a period of time and because New Zealand has no predators of large game, the Red Deer flourished in both Islands. Stags have become popular to hunt due in particular to their large antlers. Tracking stags in New Zealand’s South Island during rut / roaring season is truly the hunt of a lifetime.

Tahr and Chamois were introduced in the early 1900’s and released into the South Island’s famous Southern alps. They too have flourished and are now very popular to hunt, particularly the Tahr as it is difficult to hunt them elsewhere in the world.

A popular hunting package is Red Stag, Tahr and Chamois. It is exciting to hunt these animals at different locations in the South Island, combining it with tourism options of your choice and hosted by John Scurr’s hunting tours.

We can then venture north and hunt Sika, Rusa and Sambar in the North Island, these animals being released only in the warmer North Island as they are a tropical species.

In addition Elk, Fallow Deer, Awapara Ram and Feral Goats can be hunted in both islands.


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